Animal Control By-Law

This By-Law provides for the regualtion and control of dogs, cats and domestic pets within the limits of the LUD of Pierson. 

The following are offences under the By-Law:

a) Allowing or failing to prevent a dog, cat or domestic pet from running at large;

b) Failing to report a bite incident or failing to voluntarily surrender the dog or cat believed to have bitten a person to the Municipal Office;

c) Failing to voluntarily surrender a dog or cat upon request; 

d) Failing to properly vaccinate a dog or cat against rabies;

Restictions on Domestic Pets - No owner shall:

a) Permit his dog to bark or howl or his dog or cat in any other way disturb the quiet of an person or persons;

b) Permit his pet to defecate on any public or private property or private property other than the property of its owner.  Where a pet defecates on property other than the property of its owner, the owner shall cause such excrement to be removed immedialtely;

c) Permit his pet to damage public property other than that of its owner;

d) Harbour or keep any dangerous animal unless such dog is securely fastened inside a proper fence or kennel in such place and in such manner that it does not endanger the safety of any  human or animal and properly muzzled at all times when not inside the fence or kennel; 

e) Permit his dog to be on any school ground or playground.

Cats - The owner of a cat shall not permit the cat to be outside of the owner's premises unless the said cat is under immediate charge and effective control of a person competent to control it. A female cat in heat shall be confined to the premise of the owner or a person having control of the cat for the period of time that the cat is in heat. 


Any person who contravenes any provision of the By-Law is guilty of an offence and is liable: 

a) To a fine of not less than $50.00 and not more than $500.00, plus all applicable costs and penalties for the first offence;

b) This fine doubles for the second offence. 

Noise By-Law

This By-Law states that no person shall make any noise thai is likely to annoy, disturb, injure, endanger or detract from peace, health or safety of any other person.  These include but are not limited to...

Firearms, fireworks, loud speaker, loud musical instruments, loud vehicle (muffler), construction, lawn mower, tiller, shouting, obscene language and excessive continual barking, howling, wailing, caterwauling or other sounds caused by domestic animals.  Loud noises must cease between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

Permitted noises include parades, snow clearing and road maintenance, fire hall alarms, sirens, EMO testing, church bells/chimes wher there noises are approved by the LUD Committee. 

Penalties may include a fine not exceeding $1000.